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985G 16  

Orig. Gedore



tools sets

Universal assortments of tools suitable for the provision of lockers, trolleys and toolboxes. Particularly suitable for auto-workshops, electricians, coachbuilders, etc.

The set contains: 100 tools.
8 bi-hexagonal wrenches 8x9mm to 24x27mm
10 hexagonal wrenches 6mm to 32mm
19 hexagonal sockets 10mm to 32mm, 1/2" connection
6 single-ended, hexagonal wrenches, plastic hand-grip 5.5-6-7-8-9-10mm
8 Allen head wrenches 3-4-5-6-8-10-12-14mm
1 Crescent-type wrench 200mm
1 Grip pliers 250mm
1 adjustable pliers 250mm
1 adjustable pliers 175mm
1 mallet with nylon ends Ø 40mm
2 cross tip screwdrivers, plastic hand-grip 100mm Size 2 and 150mm Size 3
6 assorted chisels and drift
1 compass saw 365mm with one blade for metals and one for wood
1 metal hacksaw frame
1 triangular scraper for bushing blade: 150mm
1 universal pliers 180mm
1 cutter 165mm
1 hammer 500g
1 shears for sheet steel 230mm
3 assorted files 150mm
2 screwdrivers, plastic handle 100x4-125x5.5mm
3 screwdrivers, plastic handle 125x6.5-150x8-175x10mm
6 files in series
5 levers, extensions, joints
Complete assortment.

Compositions are indicative and not binding.

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985G 16€ 1.570,00S 1400 G217.71
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